Due to recent relocation we ask our customers to read the "getting there and away" section.  

What to bring?

Towel, bikini / swimsuit, shorts and if you like a ski hat in the winter .

If you are going sailing you have to be over 18 and a capable swimmer.

NB ! Shower before arrival please!  Please inform everybody in the group!

It is very very hot in the water and maybe cold in the air. But you will not be cold. You will probably be too warm, and then you can cool down in the air or the sea water shower.

Expect a laid back and basic Nordic wilderness facility and of course unique wellness on the luxury Spa Cruises.

What about the weather?

Don't worry. Almost all kind of weather has it's own charm. If there for any reason should be safety issues CopenHot will cancel the event and you will have a refund. Guidelines for cancellations:

1) Wind over 12 meters pr. second

2) Fog

3) Current

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No! After we have moved to Refshaleøen it is no longer possible to bring your own supplies. But you can buy water, beer, bubbles and wine on sight.

Are there any changing facilities?

We have 6 wooden lodges for changing clothes and storage, while you are cruising or spa-ing. Remember that it is simple facilities, so no showers, hair dryers etc.

What are the prices?

Every trip has a fixed price. That means that the price is the same whether you are 1 or 5 people (no animals are allowed). There will be days open for public - please follow us on Facebook for that.

We are very small - can we fit 6 persons in the Sailing spa?

Sorry, no! The legal number of people is 5 participants and a skipper.

Do you have a student discount?

Sorry, we don't.

Can I change my booking after confirmed booking?

Due to logistics it is only possible to re-book your cruise 7 days in advance. The same applies for cancellation.

What is the alcohol policy?

No guest are allowed in the area if suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances and your cruise/spa/sauna will be cancelled without a refund. But you are allowed tho consume alcohol during your stay except in the sauna.

What are the general guidelines for the area and cruises?

For everybody to be comfortable, please note that screaming and shouting, nakedness, jumping in the harbour, drunkenly disorder will not be accepted.

Please share all this important info with your group members!


Due to safety precautions CopenHot always follows the rules and guideline described by the Danish Maritime Authority. Changes in the rules and guidelines can and will always proceed the arrangements agreed to in the booking. Changes may occur between your booking and the cruise itself in this cases safety comes first.


CopenHot brings you the saltwater injection everybody needs once in a while.


Whether you are a couple, a small group, or even a company of 50+, we will do our best to bring you to the water to experience it in a whole new way. So no matter if you are arranging company outings, and want to rent it all, setting up the ultimate girls night out, or booking family gatherings you are in safe hands with CopenHot.

We can provide:

3 x Sailing hot Spa boats, each seating up to 5 people 


Sailing spa's with +40°C hot seawater - Hot cruise in the canals


3 x Harbour front spas, each seating up to 6 people - Fire heated barrel Spa's - +40°C hot seawater - Harbour front view


1 x Harbour front sauna, seating up to 12 people - +90°C hot with Panoramic glass wall allows you to enjoy the view of the harbour

Finally, if all this gets you too hot... our barrel shower offers you an ice cold cooling down


7 x Changing rooms / Storage rooms for 8 persons each


The idea is Nordic wellness in the center of Copenhagen.

Joyful times with friends, family or coworkers.


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