Q & A:

"Can I change or cancel my booking after confirmed booking?"

Due to logistics it is only possible to re-book your cruise 7 days in advance!

In case you need to cancel your booking, you must do so 14 days in advance to recieve a refund!


"What about age limits?"

For cruising in the Sailing Spas you have to be a minimum of 18 years and be a capable swimmer

For the Sauna or Barrel Spas you have to be at least 6 years old

"I have signed up for the waiting list. When is my booking confirmed?"

 When you are signed up to our waiting list, you have signed up to receive an e-mail if there are any cancellations on the specific activity.

There is no commitment by signing up to our waiting list. When an activity has cancellations we send out an e-mail to everybody on

the waiting list informing them about it. Then you can choose to book the activity and after you have paid for the activity, your booking

is confirmed.

"What to bring?"

Bikini / swimsuit, shorts, flip-flops and maybe a wooly hat in the winter .

Towels for rent while visiting are included in the price

NB! Shower before arrival please! Please do inform everybody in your group!


"Are there any changing facilities?"

We have 6 wooden lodges for changing clothes and storage, while you are cruising or spa-ing.

Please note that we don't have regular freshwater shower facilities.

"Do you have any toilets?"

During late Fall, Winter and early Spring our guests use our own toilets(Plasticmoulded outdoor cubicle - Chemical toilet)

In the Summer our guests can use Hal-vandet’s toilets.


"We are very small - can we fit 6 persons in the Sailing spa?"

Sorry, no! The legal number of people in a Sailing Spa is 5 participants and a skipper.


"What are the general guidelines for the area and cruises?"

For everybody to be comfortable, please note that screaming and shouting, nakedness, jumping in the harbour or drunkenly disorder will not be accepted.

Please share this important info with members of your group!


"What about the weather?"

Not to worry. Almost any kind of weather has it's own charm. Even if the weather is cold, you won't be cold in our spas which are heated to 40℃/104℉.

Should safety issues due to weather conditions occur, CopenHot will cancel the event and you will get a refund!

Guidelines for cancellations:

1) Wind over 12 meters pr. second

2) Fog

3) Strong current and over icing


"Can I bring my own food and drinks?"

No! After we have moved to Refshaleøen it is no longer possible to bring your own supplies.

You can buy water, softdrinks, beer, cider and bottles of Cava, Rosé and Whitewine on site.


"What are the prices?"

Every service has a fixed price. That means the price stays the same regardless of whether you are e.g. 1 or 5 people

(no animals are allowed).

We’ve got HotDays sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


"Do you have a student discount?"

Sorry, we don't.


"What is the alcohol policy?"

No guest are allowed in the area if suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances and your cruise/spa/sauna will be cancelled without a refund!

As we do sell alcohol on site, you are allowed to consume alcohol(responsibly) during your stay at Copenhot - except in the sauna.

"What if I’m pregnant?"

We kindly have to ask you to contact your own doctor and pose that question. Make sure you get a go-ahead before visiting us.

Our Spas and Sauna do have a temperature that is above your own body temperature.




Due to safety precautions CopenHot always follow the rules and guideline described by the Danish Maritime Authority. Changes in the rules and guidelines can and will always proceed the arrangements agreed to in the booking. Changes may occur between your booking and the cruise itself in this cases safety comes first.